Create, test and run your automated trading strategies.

The Quotek Solution


With the help of its powerful C++ SDK and its embedded code editor, Quotek allows you to create state of the art trading algorithms.


Quotek lets you validate the performance of your strategies through the use of its fast and feature-rich backtester.


Quotek plugs itselft to IG Markets, and then runs your algorithms on a powerful, secure VPS. It can also deliver reports and real-time monitoring.

Why Quotek ?

An automated solution

With the quotek solution, git rid of cognitive bias. The algorithms rationally decide whenever to enter and get out of markets.

In the cloud

We deploy our software solution on demand in the cloud, every customer being physically hosted on his own private server for a maximum power.

Plug & Play

With the Quotek trading solution, all the tools you need to start automated trading are provided from start.

For Who ?

Quotek is specially designed for seasoned developers and hackers who want to get involved in the financial markets and create their own trading strategies.


Unleach your creativity

C++ Coding Engine

Benefit the power and speed of C++14 in order to create powerful algorithms which are compiled on the fly.

extended SDK

Benefit of powerful yet easy to use functions to design your trading algorithms (see documentation).

Advanced Backtesting

Test your strategies with the backtesting engine integrated in Quotek SaaS solution.