Algotrading as a Service

with its full scope of features, the quotek SaaS can manage all the aspects of your algotrading, from coding to testing, to source management.


The Quotek Strategies Editor is a C++ Online Integrated Development Environment, specially tailored for algotraders. Used in conjunction with our SDK, it will empower you to build awesome trading algorithms.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Backtester.
  • Multi-Themes C++ Code Editor.
  • Notebook Editor right inside the IDE.
  • Vim or emacs key bindings.
  • Integrated compiler output.
  • Embedded Documentation.

Under the hood:

The QATE automated trading engine stands at the very core of the Quotek technology. Fully written in C++11, It is the part that compiles and runs the algos, passes the buy/sell orders, fetches the prices, executes the backtests..

Main Characteristics:

  • Written in C++ for max efficiency.
  • Entirely Multi-threaded, for better performance.
  • Very modular, easily extensible.

Compatible With

Quotek Chose IG Markets as its first supported broker, because it is the world's leader on CFD brokerage with competitive spreads and a good execution.

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