Coded in C++ using the latest paradigms of the language, all the critical parts of the SDK are benchmarked to ensure max performance.

Easy to use

The collection of classes and functions embedded in the SDK are all designed with the simplest interface as possible, making them almost trivial to use after a short look to the Documentation.


If you decide to use the Standalone SDK, you can write your program for either windows or Linux, since the quotek library is available for both platforms.

What's in it ?

The Quotek SDK is a great toolbox for the C++ developers who want to create trading strategies. It contains many statistical and technical analysis functions, Machine learning features, and connector to a wide range of external data sources.
If you want a full insight about what can be done with our SDK, you can check the Documentation.

Interested ? Get it For Free !

The Quotek SDK is free of use, even for commercial applications.
Download Quotek© SDK